Eva Meijer is a singer-songwriter, novelist, philosopher and artist.
In the past years, Eva released four albums and two EP's, and she toured extensively, in The Netherlands, England, the USA (New York City, Texas, California), Germany and Belgium. She played on festivals such as The Music In My Head, Crossing Border and Binnenach, in venues like Paradiso and Paard van Troje, in theatres, cafes, tents, living rooms, nightclubs, caravans, libraries, pubs, gardens, schools, churches, elevators, on boats, beaches, a graveyard and a farm. She also played on Dutch national radio (radio 3 FM, radio 5) and television.

Press about A long way:
Wears the trousers: 'moments of crystalline beauty'
Oor: 'betoverend'
Heaven: 'universele knock-outs'
Speaker: 'een erg sterk album'
Kindamuzik: 'barst van de zelfkennis en kracht'
De Recensent: 'Eva is het best bewaarde geheim van Nederland'

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