I started a crowdfunding campaign for my new album, Dogheart. You can find the details here. The page is in Dutch, if you have any questions or if you would an English version, please send an email.


Recently, I recorded piano and vocals for the debut album of Quiet Choir, which will be released at the 12th of the 12th in the year 2012.


The news of today is that most of the old recordings will be available on bandcamp soon. I don't know if they will be there forever, but for now it seems like a good idea. I am also playing shows and working on new songs. If you want to stay updated about what's going on it's best to visit my weblog every once in a while or to subscribe to my newsletter.


It is now possible to order previously released songs recorded especially for you (all acoustic). The songs are €25 each, with a minimum of 4 (no maximum).


Eva is busy recording some spoken word pieces. You can also order spoken pages of Het schuwste dier; please email for information.


Together with poet Harry Zevenbergen, Eva organises In de rondte, a series of shows in different venues in Den Haag. More information can be found on this facebookpage.


Het heden.


Het heden will be available from the first of May. You can either download it (€5), buy a cd (€7) or buy a cd plus booklet, drawing and Eva as clock photograph (€25). You can already pre-order it by sending an email.


Last week, I finished recording and mixing a new EP. Henk Koorn is mastering it as we speak, and the songs will be available (both as downloads and printed, in a limited edition) in a couple of weeks. The title of this EP is Het heden, and all songs are in Dutch.


Also, Eva's first novel, Het schuwste dier (Prometheus) will be available from the 21st of February (it's a book, so you have to go to a bookstore to buy it). You can win it as well, you can find more information about that here (3 februari).


New shows coming up (here)!


Daarheen! You can see some photographs of the installation here, and of the performance here, and De Recensent wrote about it here.


Miriam and I are working on Daarheen, a theatre-installation-music-performance-show for children (old children are welcome too), for Crossing Border's Borderkids, the 20th of November in the Koorenhuis, Den Haag.


Another strange review in the Speaker. Read it here. It never was my intention to be a pleasant discovery.


There's a nice review of my show in Baklust last Sunday, on 3voor12. And this is nice as well.


The first review is in! And it's a good one - read it on KindaMuzik.


On Thursday and Friday I'll be playing at the Dwaze Dagen in the Bijenkorf (Utrecht and Den Haag) - I will be there all day both days, so come and say hello (see if you can find me)!


I'm playing on Radio West tonight with Esther Yoxall from Quiet Choir. You can listen and watch us here.


You can download my new album Zwaan here. Enjoy!


You can watch my new video here!


The new album will be released on the first of September, yes, that is next week! It was mastered yesterday, by Carl Saff, and it's sounding great. I made a music video for the song Zwaan which will be on youtube soon. It's all very exciting.


Eva has an exhibition (Verlangst, an installation with drawings, photos, text and more) coming up in the Boterhal in Hoorn, together with Miriam Reeders. The opening is on the 25th of July at 4 pm. Eva will play some songs accompanied by live animation by Miriam. You can read more here.


The recording is done, mixing is almost done - the new album will be released at the beginning of September. The surprise is how. There will also be a release party, somewhere, someday - if you are on the mailinglist I will email you about it. There is also twitter.


Recording! Also: the beautiful Jessica Grace will sing on A cold day.


Proof that I play the guitar (photograph by Gerrit Meijer).


Eva is on twitter. Twitterdetwat!


The recording process for the new cd has begun, and this one will be quite different from the others (banjo, ukelele, harp even). Eva also invited some very special guests to play along, but more about that later. If you want to contribute, financially or otherwise (time), please send an email. The seven small birds project is alive and kicking, and subscribers are quite enthusiastic about the improvement of the quality of their lives since they became a member.


The Polecats & foxes EP's are sold out (they have been for a while). You can still order the mp3's, please email for more information.


Read more about seven small birds here.


This morning, Eva was in library Nieuw Waldeck to read a book, and sing, dance and eat with small children, in honour of the Nationale Voorleesdagen. You can watch some of it here (3 min - 5 min).


Happy new year! A new thing in the new year: it is now possible to become a member of seven small birds. If you become a member, you receive mp3's of new songs and new versions of old songs every month, as well as videos, cd's, nice presents, etc. Please email for more information!


In the first week of December, Eva will release a winter EP in a very limited (20 copies) special edition. On the cd will be three sad sad songs that won't be on any other cd and the artwork is different for every copy. The name of the EP is Polecats & foxes and you can order a copy by sending an email. You can find more information here.


Het leven leert vanzelf, the webloginstallationtheatremusicvideoshow starts this Thursday! You can find out more here, and tickets are available here.


Last Tuesday, Eva was a guest at Kippenvel on Radio Katwijk, together with Miriam R. Eva played six previously unreleased songs (on piano, guitar and ukelele), and Miriam and Eva filled the rest of the show with their favourite music (PJ Harvey, Bikini Kill, Diamanda Galas and others). They also tell you how to kill someone with a straw. You can listen to the show here, but only for two weeks, so hurry!


On the 23rd of November, Eva will play a special show with Vanessa Peters at Acoustic Alley in Den Haag. There will be lots of singing (together) and dancing and good things happening.


Het leven leert vanzelf has a website. It will be updated regularly. Update: we're on twitter too!


Eva is working on a music / theatre / installation / piece, Het leven leert vanzelf, in the Scheltema Complex in Leiden, in collaboration with Miriam Reeders. More information will follow soon, but you can already find dates here.


Eva played at the Zwingfestival last week - it was a memorable afternoon. 3voor12 Den Haag wrote a review.


For the Dutch: the tourdiary of my trip to England is online at 3voor12 Den Haag.


It is now possible to donate money. Lots of people listen to the songs online, which is something you can do for free, and I like it that way. But even though I don't believe in money, I do believe in eating and paying rent. So if you have money, go to the music page and click the give/money button. It is easy and much appreciated.


New (good) review, in the digital version of popmagazine Heaven. Read it here or on their website (click Eva on the left).


A very strange but probably well-intentioned review in the Speaker (Dutch). As for the last comment: I wonder if the reviewer listened to this song.


A long way is one of Kindamuzik's seven favourite albums.


Kindamuzik wrote a very positive review of A long way. You can read it here.


English magazine Wears the trousers wrote a review of A long way. You can read it here.


Nice review in the Oor!


Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up, Vanessa Peters' new album is finished, and Eva sings along on the last song, Okay From Now On. You can listen to it on CD Baby (and buy the cd while you're there).
Vanessa will play some shows in the Netherlands as well, you can find the schedule here.


New (good) review! At Haags Pop Podium.


In the coming week, Eva will work in vogelasiel (bird shelter) De Wulp for the project Dichter op Locatie. She will keep a diary, write poems about her stay and she might even write a song about it.


Gelukkig nieuwjaar! First news of the year: A long way is for sale at Plato.


Somebody ordered a 'Haags Kerstliedje' (Christmas song from The Hague), so Eva wrote the song Vergeten, about a homeless woman she met on the bus. You can listen to it here.


De Recensent wrote a positive review of the new cd. You can read it here (in Dutch).


A long way is for sale at CD Baby.


You can read an interview with Eva in NL70 Magazine. For everyone who doesn't live in The Hague, you can read it online here (page 12).


Christmas should be good for everyone, including the animals. So this year, make sure your Christmas dinner is vegetarian. Not only will it make you more happy, it also gives you the opportunity to win a copy of A long way and an Eva T-shirt. All you have to do to enter the competition is take a photograph of your dinner and email it to us. Merry Christmas!


A long way is for sale now! You can order it by sending an email to the emailaddress you can find here. It is also possible to order a print of the photograph that is on front of the digipack, please email if you're interested.


On the music page you can find two songs from the upcoming album, two more will follow in the coming weeks. There are also some new photographs on the photographs page. The physical cd's will be ready next week and when they are you can buy one. If you like. In the meantime you can listen to the new songs here.


Cd news! The title of the new album is 'A long way' and it will be released on the 27th of November. The cd is mastered by David Pattillo (Regina Spektor, Ani Difranco).
On the cd will be nine new songs, of which three have animals in their name (Lion, Where the Pigeons Go and Hondje). There will be a new music page on this website in a couple of weeks (with new music) and new photos as well. In the meantime, enjoy the autumn.


Eva will singing backing vocals on the new Vanessa Peters cd, 'Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up'. It is already possible to pre-order it, click on this link to find out more.


Have you ever wanted to listen to a song that was written just for you? Well, here is your chance. Eva just started a new project that will make this possible. And if a personal song scares you, you can also order a cover of your favourite song. For more information about the project, please send an email!


You can read a good review of the concert of last Saturday at 3voor12 Den Haag.


3voor12 Den Haag had an interview with Eva because of her concert next Saturday (supporting Tracy Bonham) in the Paard van Troje. You can read it here.


Eva has been asked to play together with sitarplayer Ashok Pathak for the Haagse Popweek in October. There will be a rehearsal that is open to the public at the 23rd of October in Bibliotheek Segbroek and a concert at the 25th of October in the Centrale Bibliotheek, both in The Hague.


Busy times. Eva has been working on several art projects, but there is also music news: Eva started recording songs for a new cd. More news about this (such as the title, songs that will appear and other interesting information) will follow in a couple of weeks.


In My Mouth will appear on the 11th compilation record from the Acoustika Series of record label 272 Records in Hollywood. The cd will be called “Acoustika Vol. 11”. The record will be distributed for sale to Amoeba Music (Hollywood’s largest and most popular record store) and as welll as various Cafes and Coffee Houses on Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd. and Melrose Ave. The songs from the Acoustika cd's are played on and 25 college radio stations in California.


There are some (rather bad quality) videos online from our show at the KHL. You can watch them here.


The official music video for The Things A Girl Should Do is online. You can watch it here.


The Things A Girl Should Do is available on Itunes. All you need to do is search for Eva The Things A Girl Should Do. They filed it under Christian and Gospel, which is rather mysterious. But oh well. Have fun downloading!


English tour postponed-
We're sorry to anounce that Eva won't play in England this week - but she'll be back in the summer. Apologies to everyone who wanted to come to a show.


Last Thursday, Eva played three songs on a Numoonsong night in Dizzy Jazzcafe in Rotterdam. A documentary is being made about the Numoonsong concerts for NPS Cultura. We'll keep you posted about the details!


There is a review page on the music page now (click here) with the good reviews. Still wondering what to do with the bad ones.


Great review at Read here.


And Eva is back in The Netherlands, after some great shows with Gemma Connell, The Ericksons and Kate Kilbane in New York City. She hopes to go back soon!


Eva is in New York City, after a few great shows in Texas. In Texas, she shared the stage with the wonderful Vanessa Peters and the equally wonderful Hayward Williams. Both are coming to the Netherlands in April so if you live there be sure to check them out. If you can't come to a show you can of course listen to their music and buy their cd's online. If you want to know more about Eva's adventures you can read her weblog (in Dutch).


Marry Me


video by Miriam Reeders


A nice (I think) review at Haags Pop Podium. Read here.


The gig tonight has been cancelled.


The Things a Girl Should Do received a good review at De Recensent website. You can read it here.


The Things A Girl Should Do is for sale at CD Baby from today on! Click here to go to the page.


Eva t-shirts for sale now! Designed by Miriam Reeders. More info here.
With thanks to Buro Fris.


Eva has her own page on hyves now too, if you want to be her friend click here.


The radio interviews / live radio gigs Eva did last week and the week before are online. You can listen to Radio West here, Radio Ramonaaa here, and radio Tonka here.


You can buy The Things A Girl Should Do at Plato in Den Haag. And online.


And finally, the cd's have arrived. And they seem to be working. If you want to order one, please send me an email or drop by in Lokaal Vredebreuk tonight. It would be much appreciated.


The fabulous Miriam Reeders is busy making a video for Marry Me. You can follow the work in progress here.


Happy new year everyone!


If the universe cooperates, the physical cd will be available in the second week of January. But to help you through those dark days, the promised update will take place later today. We hope you'll enjoy the new songs!


The cd will be slightly later than planned, because everything that could go wrong went wrong. However, the website will be updated later this week, with some brand new songs, new photographs, lyrics and drawings. The physical cd will be for sale in January. If you want to pre-order a copy, please send us an email at info @ evamusic . nl. Thanks-


To celebrate the new cd, Eva will play a couple of concerts in England. The first one is in London at the 4th of December. And for all the lucky people who happen to live in London: the rumours are true! Eva and Jessica Grace are giving away yet another free breakfastconcert. All you have to do to win it is to send us an email explaining why they should come over to your house. So what are you waiting for?


The new cd will be released at the first of December. More information on where you will be able to buy it will follow soon. If you can't wait you can pre-order your copy by sending us an email.
In the week before the official release there will be a few new songs on Eva's myspace page. Also, the website will be updated at the end of this month. Expect new photographs, artwork, lyrics and songs.
We never sleep.


Eva made her debut on guitar (3 songs) in Café Briljant last Thursday. And Jessica Grace played and all in all it was a very lovely evening. So yes, if you weren't there, be sorry you missed that.


The first breakfastconcert ever was a big succes. There were pancakes and music and other good things. You can see some photographs here.


Unfortunately, Eva had to cancel both the gigs planned for this weekend because she is ill.


Wim Jannes from Breda has won the breakfastcompetition. Eva and Jessica will play a breakfastconcert at the 21st of October at his house.


Eva is participating in the project Allerzielen Alom. These gigs will not be normal gigs (though Eva will play her own songs), you can find more information on their website.


Exciting news! First of all it's autumn and we love autumn. Secondly, the recordings for the album are finished, so now it's time for mixing and artwork and other important things. Other important things also include some gigs. If you want to come to the show at the 6th of October in Het Perron, please make your reservations now.
Also, Eva played in an elevator for 4 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. Which was great but a little tiring too.
And last, you still have a few days to enter the breakfastconcert competition. It closes at the last day of September.


In October Jessica Grace is coming over to the Netherlands to play some concerts and to celebrate this you can win a breakfastconcert (which is a breakfast and a concert, in your house, in the morning). If you live in the Netherlands, that is. You can win by completing the following slogan:

Ik wil graag een ontbijtconcert winnen, want....

Please email your slogan to info @ evamusic . nl.


You might have heard about it already but here is the official announcement: Eva is working on her second cd. It will feature thirteen brand new songs as well as some lovely guestappearances from some lovely people. More news on the cd release (not so long from now!) as well as the title of the cd will follow soon.


The Freedom of Expression gig at the Perseverance on Friday the 31st of August will be broadcasted live on the internet!


Eva is off to England again to do some shows. You can read all about her adventures here.


Busy times! Eva has played with both White Sands and Templo Diez at the Langweiligkeit festival last week. Today she played on the beach in the sun at Schollenpop. Next to that we are busy booking new gigs for the fall and there is some new news coming up that we will share with you in the coming weeks. Yes, be curious.


As a wise man pointed out, sometimes myspacefriends turn into real friends, and here's a couple you should definitely check out:
the wonderful Jessica Grace (listen to Hungry on her page!)
the great Esther Yoxall
the great Meri
the fantastic people from Acoustic Stage
the magnificent Helen's evil twin (they are not very evil though)
and everyone on the wimn.
They fed and clothed me and brought me to the station when needed. I thank them.


And yes we have some winners! Check them out here.


The deadline for the competition is approaching soon! After this weekend a winner will be chosen. He or she gets to go to Madurodam. There will also be a special page on the website with the best submissions.


Tourblog online here.


Back from New York, tired but happy. The diary will be online soon with videos, photographs, drawings and other things. Thanks thanks to the venues, audiences, people who bought cd's and Jenn Friedman for hosting us! It has been a great little tour that will soon be continued.


You can read good reviews and see pictures of the Music In My Head gig at the Oorwebsite, 3voor12/denhaag and De Recensent.


If you can't make it to The Music In My Head tonight you can watch Eva's gig live at 3voor12!


There will be an interview with Eva in Den Haag Centraal on thursday.


You can read a nice interview with Dutch website De Recensent here.


Summer is on its way, so it's time for another competition. Here we go:
We invite everyone to record a cover/instrumental version (flute) or make a remix of an Eva song (whichever song you choose). Everything is possible. We would like hardcore and German death metal versions but all genres are encouraged to enter. Videos of you and/or your pet singing and/or dancing along are also welcome. Everyone who enters the competition will receive a copy of the 'Live in Cambridge' EP and all entries will be shown on a special page on the website. The winner gets a special prize. You can email your song to
The deadline is the first of July. Good luck!


You can read an interview with Eva on 3voor12. Sadly, they edited it so that most of the jokes are gone. If you are interested in the whole interview, you can read it here, with the picture that was supposed to go with it.


From today on, Metamorphosis is also for sale at Velvet Online.


Eva played in Café Briljant in Haarlem with Vanessa Peters. Please check out her website and order her CD, she's good . And if you ever visit Haarlem, be sure to go to Café Briljant! We love it.


Eva is now officially a member of the Women In Music Network UK. There are lots of good acts on this page so take a look!


3voor12 Den Haag published their alternative top 100 and Marry Me is on number 5! Which is kind of strange, but a good thing we think. It is a shame that the not existing song Inside Out didn't make it into the top 100, because it would've meant that Eva would have had to write it. She might still do that though.
Thanks a lot to all the lovely people that voted!


You can listen to In My Mouth, Zwart and Marry Me (as played on Radio 5 yesterday) online from Monday onwards. Here.


You can buy Metamorphosis at Velvet (Oude Binnenweg 121) in Rotterdam from today on!


Eva will accompany White Sands at the gig in Ruigoord on Sunday and at the Binnenach at the 28th of April in Den Haag. Markowski also plays at the Binnenach, so kom gezellig langs if you're in the neighbourhood.


Please vote (every day). Thanks.


Eva will be playing a Sofagig from her bedroom (sort of like In bed with Madonna but without Madonna and not really in bed either) coming sunday. You can find all the information you need on this page. Eva will play a few new songs so check it out!


Another great little tour to the UK. Much love and thanks to: the Ladyfest people, ms Yoxall, Jessica Grace and Jess Bryant.


Eva will travel to New York in June to play some gigs. The plan was to go there at the 6th of June but we just found out she's playing at The Music In My Head festival at the 8th of June so it will be a few days later.


Last minute gig this afternoon in KHL (Amsterdam) at 4 pm with with Dalal Marouf and Kirsten!


Eva will take the train to Cambridge coming Friday to play at Ladyfest Cambridge. After that she will play three gigs in London.


If you want to help promote Eva in your town, send us an email and we'll send you some flyers and/or promocd's for your local radiostation.


Very nice review in the Speaker.


You can vote for Eva by emailing Eva met Marry Me to They also nominated another song but we don't know which one because they named it Inside Out and there is no song with that title. We'll post it when we find out! More info about what you're voting for here.


Eva has been picked to play a Sofagig. We'll let you know when it's online! Read more about Sofagig here.


Marten de Paepe from Cafe Camelot wrote a nice introduction about the gig there at the 27th of March. Read it here (enter, live, programma, maart 2007, scroll down, there you go).


Eva will play the piano on the song 'Garden Nymph' by Renée Stevense that will appear on her new cd. More news about that on her website.


The gig at the Paard was very nice. Good sound, lots of people listening. Please check out Marike Jager, she's great.


Hectic times. The tour in London was great (big thank you to Esther Yoxall!). The gigs were great, and the piano was heavy as ever. The next gig in the UK is at Ladyfest Cambridge.


You can read a good review of Metamorphosis in the new Oor. So buy your paper copy today or read it online here. And Metamorphosis is number one in their Ondergrond top 5!


Back to the UK! Eva will be in London from Sunday untill Thursday to play 4 gigs.


New photographs! Eva in Nieuw Jurk. All photographs are taken by Hicham Louazna, and all clothing, styling, make up etcetera is done by Nieuw Jurk. Here.


Eva will play an instore gig in Plato Den Haag tomorrow. It will start at 7 pm. Afterwards, Loreena McKennitt will be there to sign her new cd and answer questions. And maybe she'll play a few songs too.


You can read a nice review on the Plato website. And another one on fileunder.


Metamorphosis is available through Itunes from today on.



Eva was asked to be a guest in the program Nou en (from the Nederlandse Moslim Omroep) on Radio 5. You can listen to it tomorrow at 10 pm. She talks about integration and respect and plays three songs, together with Hans on double bass. So listen if you get the chance!


If you can't make it to the houseconcert tomorrow, go to to see Eva play live!


Don't forget to watch TV West today! There's a short interview with Eva, plus a live recording of one of the songs she played at Stork on Air last Friday, in Play at 5.30 pm, 7.30 pm, 9.30 pm and 11.30 pm etc. untill Friday afternoon. After that you can view the item online here.


Some Dutch music websites wrote some nice and strange reviews about Metamorphosis. You can read them here (in Dutch).


You can listen to the podcast of Eva (and White Sands) on Stork on Air here. Eva plays four songs in the second half of the second hour.


You can buy Metamorphosis online at CDBABY from today on.


Tv West will be filming Eva at Radio West tonight, and you will be able to see her play some songs and do a short interview on the 11th of January. The program is called PLAY and you can find more information here.


Metamorphosis is also for sale at Plato.


I wish everyone a very good 2007!


Metamorphosis is for sale through this website and at gigs but from today on, you can also get your copy at Lalaland, the best recordstore in The Hague. What are you waiting for?


The tourdiary Sonja (Markowski) and I wrote is online. You can see some pictures I took in Berlin on my myspacepage.


We had a great night at the Tricky Theater yesterday. Thanks to everyone who showed up to listen and great big thanks to the people who played: Renée Stevense and Templo Diez and the great musicians who joined me on stage: Simone, Hans, Renate and Helen. Thanks!


After some weird gigs in Berlin, and a very nice one in Cadzand, is it time to focus on the CD presentation coming Sunday. There will be music by Templo Diez and Renée Stevense and a performance by Jessica de Boer. Doors open at 7 pm, and we start at 7.30 pm, so be there on time!


Eva will go to Berlin next week to play two gigs. You can read all about her adventures in the tourdiary on (it will be online a week after she gets back). The tourdiary will be written together with Markowski.


Metamorphosis is almost finished. The cd will be availble in two weeks. You can already pre-order it through the website. It's easy: all you have to do is send an email to and we will let you know how you can get your copy!


Good news! The Popunie wants to put Marry Me on a new compilation cd. The cd will contain songs by female acts or bands with a female vocalist. More information about this can be found on the Popunie website.


The presentation of Eva's new cd Metamorphosis will take place at the 17th of December in the Tricky Theatre in Amsterdam. It will be a very nice evening, Templo Diez will play too and there will be many other (surprise) acts. More information will follow soon!


Eva got a good review of one of her gigs in London, you can read it on this page (go to featured artists and scroll down).


In the beginning of December, Eva will travel to Berlin to play three gigs there. She will share both gigs with the fabulous Markowski. Please take a look at her new website and order the EP!


This fall and winter, Eva will share some gigs with White Sands. Please keep an eye on the tourdates to find out where and when!


Unfortunately, Eva has had to cancel the gig at the Spanjaardshof at the 1st of October and Cafe Camelot at the 3rd of October because of a throatinfection.


You can also find a tourdiary (in Dutch) on the Subzine website.


Eva is back in The Netherlands, after a successful tour in England. She is planning to go back to the UK soon.
You can read the tourdiary and look at photos and a short video here.


Eva will be playing 7 gigs in the UK, from the 6th untill the 15th of September. You can find the flyer here. You can read all about her adventures on the website by Gerard van de Ijssel.


After ten years of writing music and performing, Eva started recording her first full length album. The CD will contain twelve songs and will be coproduced and recorded by Pascal Hallibert (Templo Diez, White Sands) and Hans Custers (White Sands, Op). Hans and Pascal will also play on the CD, as well as some guestmusicians. The album will be released in November on Eva's label. There will be more news about the recordings soon!


Lilian van Dijk had an interview with Eva about her activities, you can read it in the local newspaper HaagWest Nieuws and at 3voor12 Den Haag.


Eva is an active member of the Den Haag Songwritersguild, a network of singer-songwriters. Check out their website!


Eva has a myspace account! On that site you can find a weblog, pictures of gigs and more.


It may seem quiet in the news but there's a lot happening . The Karavaan is succesfully touring around the Netherlands, and Zooi filmed us, you can watch it here . We're playing a lot of other gigs too and the tour through the UK is is almost completely booked. The summer and fall will be a really busy time for us so keep an eye on the News!


This September Eva will play some gigs in the UK. Keep an eye on the gig section, it will be updated regularly.


There is an interview with Eva in the Avant Garde, Dutch fashion magazine, next month (June).


If you give your t-shirt to Eva at a gig, she will turn it into a Eva t-shirt, your favourite fashion item for this summer. The first five people to participate will receive a nice surprise!


The music for the raptext Eva wrote for Paul de Leeuw is made by the composer who writes for Lange Frans and Baas B. It will be on the air on Monday, not Saturday as we thought before, and already online here. The rap won the first round of the competition and will be performed again in the finals somewhere in May.


Eva will be playing at some of the summerfestivals this summer as part of Karavaan, a group of singersongwriters travelling through the country in a caravan. More information is to be found here.


Eva wrote a rapsong for Paul de Leeuw! The theme is the Soccer World Championship that takes place this summer in Germany. It will be performed by Paul de Leeuw in his show on Nederland 3 at the 8th of April.


Eva will perform at the Binnenach, the 28th of April in Theater aan het Spui/ Het Filmhuis Den Haag. More information is to be found here.


The gig at the Rhythm and Rhymes festival last Saturday was a big succes. You can find photographs at the haagspoppodium site and at the site of the We also took some pictures, you can find them here.


From today on, you can download the live recording of Out of There at Radio West here.


The radiogig at Stork on Air has been cancelled because of illness of 3 out of 4 SSU members. It will take place some other time, we'll let you know when.


Competition time!
So here it is, the one and only Souvenir competition. It starts today and make sure you send your answers in before the 25th of March. Here you can enter the competition, take a look at what you can win etc. The competition is in Dutch, so ask your Dutch friends to help you.


Radio news:
Eva will do an interview with Gerard van den Ijssel (Den Haag FM) next Sunday.
Also, the interview/live gig with Singer Songwriters Unite at Stork On Air on Radio West at the 17th of February will be moved to the 3rd of March.


Souvenir is ready and on her way to everyone who pre-ordered a copy! The downloads will be available soon after some delay. And keep an eye on the news section because there will be a competition with questions and great stuff to win..


Eva live on stage with Chicks on Speed!
At the end of a fashion workshop Eva will share the stage of the Paard van Troje with Chicks On Speed to play the song Fashion Rules. More information is to be found at the website of the Paard, Lalaland and Tag. And 3voor12 wrote a review, check it out here.


Souvenir will most probably be finished and for sale around the first of February. A little later than we planned, but worth the wait! You can already order your copy by sending an email.


Today and tomorrow we are in the studio recording 4 new songs that will be released asap. The new EP will be named Souvenir. There will be a normal version available as well as a limited edition with many extra's.


The SSU compilation cd (with the songs Naked and Sea Song) will be released at a Live in Your Livingroom concert at the 26th of February. There's only room for 35 people, so make your reservations now at the Live In Your Livingroom website.


Eva wishes everyone reading this a good 2006. If you want to have a really good 2006, check this out (only in Dutch).


The SSU compilation cd is finally finished! On this cd you can find songs by Nadine & Me, Stefan Oosthof, Jeroen van de Wiel (Slau) and Eva of course. The cd presentation will take place in January, we will let you know when and where as soon as possible.


The new cd will be released in January. Some songs will be available only on cd but there will also be some downloads available, so keep an eye on this website!


After playing four succesfull gigs in San Francisco, Eva has arrived in New York to play a few more. Keep an eye on the tourdates to see what's happening when!


Eva sings backing vocals on the song Trick that will appear on the new cd of Arno Loriaux. More information on Arno's cd will follow soon.


New recordings coming up:

Eva will record a new promo single that will be available at gigs in October.


Eva is going to America in November where she will play some concerts in San Francisco and New York.


New news:

SSU is rolling and rocking, there are a lot of new gigs coming up.

New news2:

There's an article about Eva by Gerard van de Ijssel in the Posthoorn.


There are some new gigs coming up so keep checking the tour section!


Eva will play some gigs together with singer/songwriters Stefan Oosthof, Cecile Morel en Jeroen van de Wiel. The name of the group is S(inger)S(ongwriters)U(nite) and we will also bring out a cd at the end of the year that will feature some new Eva songs. And there will be a website soon.


So this is the in between website. It's called the in between website because it comes in between the old and the new website. Any comments, send an email. Wanna see the old website? Click here.